Cory J. Garwacki Foundation, Live to Give
Live to Give in a Way that is Meaningful to You.

About the Foundation

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Established 1/19/15
on what would have been Cory’s 28th birthday.

Live to Give

The Live to Give philosophy is the belief that our foundation is built on. It is the basic concept of taking advantage of opportunities to give back and help others while simultaneously living your life. It is promoting and facilitating a charitable lifestyle. The interpretation of what Live to Give means is a personal one and means something different to each of us. It may be volunteering in your community, making a monetary donation to a cause, or helping in a way that you know is important. What does Live to Give mean to you?


To promote and facilitate the “Live to Give” philosophy through community partnerships, education and awareness


A community, especially its youth, who are invested, educated, and supported in their personal “Live to Give” journey therefore assisting them in overcoming difficult challenges in their life.


  • To improve the lives of families coping with chronic illness
  • To highlight the importance of quality transitioning experiences in movement from pediatric to adult services for families affected by chronic illness
  • To increase awareness of pediatric organ donation/transplantation
  • To improve patient safety through education to the community and health care providers