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Hashtag Positivity

10/28/2016 | Jason Dimitropolis

    Hashtag Positivity started as a fun project with a neat logo and a bunch of stickers. With everything going on in the world these days (#mylifematters, negativity, violence, blah blah blah) we wanted to try and spread what we think is most important...positivity. It doesn't take much to brighten someones day, so we decided to start our movement by sprinkling small acts of kindness throughout the community. Someone would order a drink at the local coffee shop, only to find that it had already been payed for. They would also get a Hashtag Positivity decal to take with them and stick wherever they'd like. These turned out to be great conversation starters and, almost immediately, other people started paying it forward. Mission accomplished! Well, at least a good start. We then began producing shirts and hats adorned with our logo so that people could wear their positivity proudly and help spread the word even more. The feedback we got on the apparel was amazing! Our friends, families, and everyone who got their eyes on our stuff had only great things to say about it. People were embracing the positivity in ways we hadn't imagined. That's when we realized that we might be onto something bigger than we had planned. We decided that the best way to spread positivity moving forward was by giving back. We came up with special variations of our logo that would each be tied to a different cause. The overlying message of positivity remains, but we now have designs that support the troops, anti-bullying, the fight against cancer, first responders, autism awareness, equality, and men's health, with more causes and designs being added regularly. Twenty percent of every purchase made goes directly to charities supporting each designs cause. This is the path that we'll continue to follow, with the hope that our message resonates with people and inspires them to make a positive impact on the world. 

    When we first heard about Cory, and the phrase "Live To Give", it struck an immediate chord with us. Giving back is such an important part of what Hashtag Positivity has evolved into. Hearing the stories about Cory, we couldn't help but become even more ambitious about making a difference. For someone to overcome the odds that Cory did, and still be smiling constantly, is incredible. What's more is that he devoted the precious time he had to his "Live To Give" motto. Words cannot describe how inspiring his story is to us. If the world was blessed with more people like Cory, we have no doubt that positivity would spread endlessly. Hashtag Positivity is proud to support the Cory J. Garwacki Foundation because of Cory's ever-positive attitude and "Live To Give" outlook on life. Thank you for letting us be a part of Cory's legacy. 

   Check out Hashtag Positvity's website at Or find them on Facebook! 



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