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Cory's life was full, his heart was big, we all learned how to be a better people by knowing him. I know I did.

5/28/2015 | Joanna Guindon

My name is Joanna Guindon, I am a mother of three, Keely, 15, Jack , 12, Megan, 8. I have been married for 17 years to my husband, Tom. I have worked as a hospice nurse for over 12 years. I love my job, taking care of people as they enter life's final journey is a privilege know to only a few. People often ask how I deal with such sadness all of the time, I honestly feel as though being able to ease someone's suffering in the end of life far outweighs the sadness. I have made so many friends and lost so many, my heart is filled with memories from them all.

Our lives changed forever in July of 2007, My Son Jack was diagnosed with cancer, he was 4. so very many people supported us during his 3 and a half year journey and when jack was well enough and we were able, we started to give back. One of the organizations that helped us so very much was Griffin's Friends, their motto is to " bring moments of joy to courageous kids" and did they ever do this . We have committed to raising money for Griffin's Friends every year and I have joined their ranks as a runner. You see, their major fundraiser is people who sign up to run the marathon with them and in honor of a child who is battling cancer. Jack has a had a team running for him since 2008, I have been on his team as a runner since 2012. Running in honor of Jack has been good for my body and for my soul, to be able to give back to those that stood by us while Jack was sick has been a gift that keeps on giving. The best part is, now we can help other children have their moments of joy.Team MOMO

I won't pretend my life is easy, I have suffered many losses including my grandparents, my young cousin, My little brother, my father in law, two brother in laws' and of course our beloved Cory. I do find a way to keep moving forward and along with leading a healthy life of eating properly, running and crossfit, helping others is my way. I treat each person that I take care of as if they were my own family. I put 100% into making sure someone's journey is safe and peaceful. I think often of those I have lost, I call to them to help me when I feel that I can't go on, I honor them by helping those who need me most. I try each day to make them proud.

Cory's life was full, his heart was big, we all learned how to be a better people by knowing him. I know I did.

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