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Meet Team Cory Member Alicia Byrne

12/3/2017 | Alicia Byrne

When I first met Cory we were in the 6th grade together and shared the same homeroom. At the time I had no idea how much he would impact my life, and how much our friendship would truly mean to me. We went through middle school and high school together, and it wasn’t until our early years of high school that I found out about Cory’s condition. He rarely showed that he didn’t feel well, and almost always had a smile on his face. After high school we found ourselves going to the same community college. Those years our friendship grew and we carpooled to and from school, always making stops at Dunkin Donuts, and grabbing lunch on campus when our hectic school schedules allowed for it. Cory always talked about giving back and doing for others less fortunate than him. I had always admired him for that because there would be days when he wouldn’t be feeling well and he would still try to follow through with plans he made to help out when he could. He was always working in the tutoring center on campus helping out other students with their studies, amongst many other charities he would try to give back to. I had always wanted to give back to others that might be struggling with their health or with the daily life struggles, but never could figure out how or when I would be able to.

            After Cory left us, I received an invitation to be a part of the foundation in his name, although it was a bit emotional reading the invitation, I was excited to be able to help give back in honor of one of my dearest friends. The first few years I wasn’t able to contribute as much as I would have liked to, but last January was when I joined Team Cory. I joined because I felt that it was something I truly needed to do, not for any particular reason other than doing it to help others and to contribute something positive to our community. Cory was always such an optimistic person, always smiling and it brings me so much joy to be able to give back to our community in Cory’s honor. I was blessed to know Cory for the time that I did. Because of his selfless acts and constant positive way of living, Cory still inspires me to do more for people I come across on a regular basis.

            Currently I am working for Springfield Public Schools teaching for a math tutoring program to middle school students. While working for the inner city schools I strive to give my students the best of me every single day. Sometimes that may include just giving advice, bringing in snacks from time to time, or buying and bringing in basic necessities for them. Aside from my everyday work, I enjoy giving back as much as possible for other foundations and other organizations. As a member of Team Cory I enjoy volunteering for the annual “Live to Give” Gala. Getting to be a part of this event and other events brings so much joy to me because so many people come out to support Cory’s dream and an absolutely amazing cause.

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