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Sarah's Live to Give Story

2/14/2018 | Sarah Mahan

Growing up our family did annual fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network. I remember my parents hosting their annual “spring dance” which from my point of view as a kid was a highlight of the year. We were involved in Baystate Children’s Hospital annual telethon. I enjoyed being a part of the phone bank, as well as the behind the scenes action of the event. It was second nature to give back and help others when you could.

Plenty of people were involved in helping our family when we needed it whether they were helping with meals, helping my parents Christmas shop because they had to be at Corys hospital bedside or taking me in when my parents were out of state at hospitals but I had to stay home because I still had school or dance. Many of our friends and family without hesitation gave us support and did fundraising during Corys transplant process as my parents were left with piles of medical bills, hotel stays, etc. Even above and beyond that, many of them traveled out to Pittsburgh PA during the long years of recovery just to spend time lifting Cory or my mother’s spirit. None of that went unnoticed.

As Cory began to discuss his dreams of this non profit organization we knew it would be full of sweat and tears (both figuratively and literally) and the ride so far has been a beautiful one. We soaked up hours of conversation picking  Corys brain on specifics. When it was his time to leave us this foundation gave us a grounding point to hold us together, channel grief, and continue on giving in his memory. It truly was a gift he left to us and we do not take that lightly.

This is why we Live to Give. We do it because it feels wonderful. We do it because it makes us feel close to Cory. We do it to teach our children about kindness. We Live to Give today and always.


Sarah Mahan

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