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The Ripple Effect of Live to Give

1/12/2017 | Theresa Scully


It is through small acts of kindness that I believe the greatest changes come from. Every morning at work I try to great each customer with a smile or happy greeting to make sure their day starts off positive.  


When it snows I clean off the snow of the car next to me because I know it will make someones day to be surprised with an act of kindness. 


While hiking I will usually pick up a piece of trash on my way out because it is important to me to leave the trail a better place than I found it. 


When running in road races, I try to encourage other runners because everyone needs someone cheering for them or motivating them to keep pushing themselves. 


I know these acts have a rippling effect which make the world a happier, more positive place because of my late friend, Cory Garwacki.  Cory was born with a rare, life threatening illness called Short-Gut Syndrome. With this diagnoses many patients do not live past the age of 2. Cory survived to the age of 27. Throughout his struggles or hardships, Cory always had a smile and always looked for ways to help others. It is because of Cory that I push to look at the bright things of things as much as I can because he alway did. A foundation was created in honor of Cory, called the Cory J Garwacki Foundation. I volunteer at this foundation because I know it has a positive impact on the community. 


Cory taught me to be positive, to help others, and to always smile. I hope that by volunteering or through small acts of kindness I influence more people to be kinder, positive, and happy. 

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