About the foundation


CJG Foundation Mission

To promote and facilitate the “Live to Give” philosophy through community partnerships, education and awareness.


CJG Foundation Goals

  • To increase awareness of pediatric organ donation/transplantation.
  • To partner with local Children’s Hospital to develop a transition policy for chronically ill patients transitioning from pediatric to adult medicine.
  • To help improve the lives of families coping with children with chronic illnesses
  • To promote the Live to Give Philosophy within the Community.

Live to Give Philosophy

Live to Give is an awareness that we are able to make a positive impact in our community every day in many ways. Something as simple and easy as holding a door for someone, letting another car in traffic go ahead of you, buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, to volunteering in your community, or making a donation of money, goods, or services to your favorite charity. Live to Give is what you make it, how it fits into your lifestyle and what ways you are able to give. This is different for everyone and all of it is important. Taking advantage of daily opportunities to help someone.